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Preventive Maintenance Events

  • An Emergency Power Supply System or Stand-By Power System are recommended to receive at least two maintenance events per year by a factory trained technician, but may occur quarterly or even monthly depending on system needs. Types of preventive maintenance events include:

    • Inspections (Minor Service)

    • Full Service (Major Service)

    • Load Bank Testing

    • Confidence Testing (system functionality test)

    • Fuel Restoration/ Tank Cleaning (Diesel Units)

    • Fluid Analysis

Maintenance Schedule

  • Each Manufacture and Model have a unit specific Maintenance schedule, normally broken down by daily, weekly, monthly event, etc...

Inspections and Full Service Events

  • An inspection event (minor service) is a comprehensive inspection of the generator and related components of the Power Generation System. Normally does not include fluid and filter replacement.

  • A full service event (major service) contains the same inspection items or more then the inspection events. Full service generally include fluid and filter replacement.

Load Bank Testing

  • Detects potential deficiencies in system which may appear in extended operation.

  • Insures full rated output capacity.

  • Removed potentially damaging deposits commonly referred to as "wet stacking" in the combustion chamber and exhaust system which may have accumulated under lightly loaded operation.

  • Re-seat piston rings in the cylinder walls or liners.

  • May be required annually by local code or NFPA regulations.

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